Dear Ones,

Warm greetings!!!

ANSAR is not a mere name but a culture cultivated over the past thirty five years under the banner of Ansari Charitable Trust illuminating thousands of Indian minds working in diverse spheres. We are dedicated to foster the educational needs of the young Indian blood for a better nation and a world where a harmonious co-existence is possible despite the differences. The academic environment we set facilitates the exact development envisaged by the great souls.

We do innovate and design the framework for a deeper insightful learning that undoubtedly blends along the technological advances over the glorious values of time immemorial. The huge cries on the degraded educational scenario are addressed on strong footing of sublime human relations. The dignity and greatness of teachers explicitly inspire the students’ community to imbibe all the required qualities along with high profile academic excellence. The structure prevails here will never be a hindrance to the proper growth of the new generation.

None has experienced a compromise with the promises we pronounced sincerely throughout our journey. We long to steadfast in the path of honesty and righteousness with the support of our well wishers for long. The divine blessings we enjoy provide us with immense confidence and courage to drive ahead spreading the light delightfully.

With regards,
Dr. Salil Hassan