The Kindergarten:

The Kindergarten has two levels, the LKG and the UKG. Children are usually admitted in the LKG. But in certain cases direct admission to the UKG is made, provided the student has the skills and the age equal to that of the students of the UKG. The Kindergarten provides activities that allow each child grow developmentally, socially, physically and emotionally through ‘active learning1.

The school follows CBSE English medium with the following syllabus:

The Primary Section: In the Primary section (class I-IV) the subjects offered are

* English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, Mathematics, Environmental studies, Computer Science/Work Experience, Physical Education and Art Education.

The Middle School Section: In the Middle School Section (class V-VIII) the subjects offered are

*English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, Mathematics, General Science, Social studies, Computer Science/Work Experience, Physical Education and Art Education.

The Secondary Section: The subjects offered for secondary (Class IX and X) students include

* English, Arabic/ Hindi/ Malayalam, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social sciences, Computer Science, Physical and Health Education, Work Experience and Art Education.

The Senior Secondary Section: For Senior Secondary (Classes XI-XII) there are two streams

1 .Science/Mathematics stream

Group A: English, Arabic / Computer Science/ HomeScience (Girls), Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Group B: English, Arabic / Computer Science / Home Science (Girls), Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

2.Commerce Stream:

English, Arabic/Home Science (Girls)/Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy and Computer Science.

Physical and Health Education, Art Education and General Studies are offered as subjects of internal assessment for both the streams. In addition to temporal subjects, Muslim students are offered Islamic Education in all classes.

Engineering /Medical Entrance Coaching

These classes are held daily either before the class/after the class hours.

Promotion Criteria

Promotion to the next class is based on the overall performance of the student in various scholastic and non-scholastic areas. Tests and assignments will take place as delineated in the CCE manual published by the CBSE. In classes I-X the criteria for promotion is on obtaining a grade higher than E! in the subjects of scholastic area and an appropriate grade in areas of co-scholastic assessment.