GK Club conducted Quiz competition for HS & UP on 29th July 2019. It was a quiz related with sports, current affairs and inventions. After the three level of quiz competition Mohammed Basheer and Talha from VIII-G became winners. Talha of VIII-G selected as secretary and Ayisha HIma of VIII-H as joint secretary.

The UP Section GK Club conducted GK quiz competition in the entrance hall. There were 28 participants of classes V, VI, VII. 20 questions were asked. Afham Mohammed Aman of VI-A respectively got first, second and third. Second activity was poster making, conducted on 25th November 2019 from the UP level students prepared poster on the basis of various current topics. Students were divided in three groups and assigned each topic for them.

The primary section conducted a poster making on 8th August 2019 (Thursday) on the topic ‘How to save earth’.

(Nija P B)


Health Club activities for the academic year 2019-20, started on 29th July 2019. We selected the students representatives from XII and X classes. On the same day, as the first activity conducted a quiz on health related concepts. The second activity was an awareness programme on ‘Mental issues in Adolescence’ by Mr. Sabeel Ponnani (HRD Counsellor and Trainer) on 18th December 2019. It was an interactive session and all the students actively participated in the session.

(Shini E T)


This year’s activities for the Fine arts Club began on 2nd September 2019. The first program was ‘combining music and painting’

Famous Artist Mr. O C Martin presented the program for the children. Over 150 students and 8 teachers from the Fine Arts Club participated in the event. It was an amazing event for the eyes and ears.

On 1st November, the Fine Arts Club organized a painting photography exhibition in connection with the ‘Kerala Piravi’. Many teachers and students saw the exhibition and made great comments.

As part of the field visit, we visited the Kerala Lalit Kala Academy, Thrissur. Dated 28th November 2019 with 30 students and 3 teachers.

On January 10th 2020, Ansar hosted an exhibition in Arts and Crafts.

(Mr. Jyothiraj)


English club activities for the academic year 2019-20 began on 5th July, 2019 with a Shakespearean declamation. Students from senior secondary section presented famous scenes from some of the Shakespearean plays. A team of selected students arranged a declamation on Shakespearean characters. Sinan Sulaiman of class XI-B disguised himself as William Shakespeare and presented a biography for the audience. There was a quiz in connection with Shakespeare’s life and works.

The second programme of English Club was a class to improve vocabulary and usage. The class was titled Epiphany and it was conducted by students from secondary section. There was a session for students to design cover page for their favorite books with a blurb. A reading corner by students of class X was arranged with famous quotes from English Literature.

UP section selected two activities during the academic year 2019-20. The activities were ‘Chain Fairy Tale’ and ‘Dramatization of Characters’ from the English text book. The chain fairy tale was conducted on 1st November 2019. All the members of the club participated in it and contributed a line to the story. The students themselves suggested a name ‘Unexpected Journey’. It’s a new experience for the members of the club. The second activity Dramatization of the characters was conducted on 3rd January 2020. Students presented the characters from the stories they have studied. As they presented it, students identified these characters.

(Kavya K R)


Arabic club activities for the academic year 2019-20 began with the inaugural ceremony on 2nd August 2019. The Principal Dr. Salil Hassan inaugurated the session, followed by a felicitation by Janab Mohammed Ameen. In the first session, students performed various items like, group song, Arabic dance and word building competition.

The second programme was an Arabic assembly in connection with world Arabic day on 18th December 2019. The special programme of the assembly was the visit of the king of Bahrain. Ismail of class XII-A disguised himself as the king and greeted the crowd. There was an interview session with him. A rally by the students of LP was also conducted on the same day. Arabic club aims at improving the language skills of its members.

(Safiya Shamsudheen)


Debate club started activity with an objective of providing a stage for self expression and sharpen the skill of eloquence. The first debate was conducted on 10th July 2019. The members took the floor with the topic ‘Is tourism beneficial to our environment’. It was a wonderful platform for the students to express their views freely. Hamza Jawed Khan of XI-D and Barza Abdul Azeez of X-I were selected as the best debators. Our second programme was a video show on ‘social issues’ that conducted on 22nd November 2019. Students from VIII to XII prepared videos of regional as well as national issues and provided awareness among the club members. On the same day prizes were awarded to all the winners. In the coming years, we hope to bring new programme elements that will continue to fulfill over vision to increase knowledge and developing their leadership qualities.

(Mrs. Jophy Peter)


First programme of Keraleeyam Club was held on 2nd August 2019. It was a seminar on the topic, ‘Vayanayum Vidhyarthikalum’. Through this activity students developed their interest of reading and they understood the relevance of it. The second activity of club was conducting ‘Onachandha’. The students contributed vegetables and fruits from their homes. This activity was really informative. The club also visited Sri. Akkitham’s house on 3rd January 2020.

(Mrs. Bashi A S)


NSS stands for National Service Scheme. The motto, the watch word of NSS is ‘Not me But you’. This expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and also to show consideration for fellow human beings. Our school has been in the forefront of NSS activities throughout. The NSS unit has a strength of 100 volunteers. The impetus is to give the students best

educational experience in order to make them responsible and productive citizen of the country.

NSS Home-Foundation stone laying ceremony

The foundation stone laying ceremony for NSS house was done by Jb. Shaju Mohammedunni, Administrative Officer and Dr. Salil Hassan, Principal on 20th June 2019. The NSS members collected fund from the whole school and constructed a house for an Ansar teacher.

Observance of Anti-Drugs Day

The Anti-drugs days was observed on 26th June 2019, in the school campus. As a part of this program, a chart display was held in front of the senior secondary section.

Karunalayam visit

On 16th November 2019 the NSS volunteers visited ‘Karunalayam’, Chowannur an abode for physically challenged and mentally retarded people. The members of NSS had an enriching experience as they interacted and entertained them with songs and dances and in dud it rejuvenates their monotonous lives. Though we spent only a few hours with them, they made us realize the value of relationships and humanity. A small amount was donated to them and sweets and cleaning materials were also distributed.

NSS Camp

The NSS camp was inaugurated by Dr. Salil Hassan, Principal on 18th December 2019. The programme was presided by Mr. Chandran O A HM (P), the backbone of NSS and teachers in charge are Mrs. Nisha Thomas, Mrs Reji A B. Mr. Thulasidas, Mrs. Hairunnisa, Mrs. Naseema and Mrs. Hasnath.

There was a planting session in the vegetable garden and also the preparations were done for a natural aquarium. Afternoon session of the camp was inaugurated by Mrs. Sahira Ahmed, Vice Principal, followed by an interactive session on NSS and community service by Mr. Chandran O A, HM (P)


The student police cadet was organized to inculcate civic sense and to improve physical fitness, physical and mental endurance, better attitude, confidence, self-discipline, responsibility and readiness to serve others. We wish to achieve fearless and healthy interaction with police and better understanding of functions and roles of police. At the same time it aims at the improvement in academic performance and better participation in extracurricular activities.

As a part of Harithabhoomi project, SPC has planted and distrubed 1500 plants among students. We trained our students to make paper bags for the purpose of clean and plastic free school campus. Our cadets helped to conduct smooth and effective organizing of school and inter school level events.

83 indoor and outdoor classes and 2 camps were conducted during this academic year and we got a wonderful opportunity to attend a natural camp at Pampadum Shola National Park in Munnar. Our students participated in most of the national and international celebrations, like teachers’ day, human right day, and children’s day.

We have arranged many awareness classes as extra activities for the students. The main topic discussed were drugs and youth, misuse of internet and mobiles, awareness of cyber crimes and laws. Health and hygiene first aid and traffic rules. Mr. Hari Narayanan lyricist of film industry and ACP Sinoj Sir were the eminent personalities who visited us during academic year.

The cadets visited Ansar hospital, Perumpilavu Sahayatra old age home Chalissery, Kottol Government hospital, police arms exhibition at Rohini auditorium, Kunnamkulam police station etc. as part of our activities.

I extend my sincere gratitude to Kunnamkulam CI K G Suresh sir and SI Santhosh sir for their great support and supervision for the smooth functioning of the SPC.


Ansar English School Traffic Club 2019-20 inaugurated on 8th August 2019 by SI Sri. O A Babu which is presided by Abdul Azeez C T.  After the inauguration he handled a fantastic class emphasizing the importance of law and order in Traffic. Traffic club members and SPC students were attended.

The second programme was an awareness session headed by SI Sri. Sudheer  collaboration with Police Dept.

(Abdul Azeez C T)


We conducted Music Club activity on 6th August 2019 (Tuesday) at 11.30 am to 12.30 pm. The venue was LP Activity Hall. Around 50 students participated for the activity. It was a ‘Music show’. The selected students were conducted a wonderful music show. Everybody enjoyed it very well. It was an awesome program.

(Ms. Asiya Anees)


In this academic year 2019-20, science club of our school actively participated in many programs. All the activities were very informative and create scientific attitude among students. There are 140 members in our club. All science teachers were the part of science club.

At first, we conducted a general “SCIENCE QUIZ” on 10 July 2019 at 11.30am in KG activity hall.

Our second program was very interesting.on 14 0ct 2019 at 2 pm, A team of ISRO scientists visited our school and conducted a interactive session for club members. Mr.Baby Sebastian (Sr.scientist, Division head, Sathish Dhavan Space Center, Shriharikkotta, Andrapadesh] lead the program.

On 4 Nov 2019 Monday, science club members visited “SAMSTHANA SCHOOL SASTHROLSAVAM” at TMVHSS Akkikkavu. It was a wonderful program.

In the coming years we hope to bring the new program elements that will continue to fullfill our vision.



The housing scheme of NSS is one of the major programme of national service scheme of our institution. Under this scheme 5 houses were constructed and handed over to the poor and needy teaching & non-teaching staff of our institution since 2011, the year of its registration. Around 15 lakhs rupees have been spent for this purpose alone during 2011-2019. The contributions from students, teachers, parents and management is the working capital of NSS unit. The next project under this scheme will be launched in June 2020. We extend our sincere gratitude and regards everybody who helped us to implement this programme successfully during the past years. Expecting your cooperation in future.

Mr. Chandran O A


In this academic year 2019-2020, the first activity of Nature and Tourism club was a workshop on ‘save nature’ handled by Mrs. Rajeena and Mr. Musthafa. In this class, students practised to convert disposable glasses in to beautiful flowers, plastic bottles in to beautiful vases and pencil cases.

The second program was a seminar on tourist spots all over India. It was presented by Aneesa and Salma Beevi of XII – A. The session was very informative and interesting.

Students actively participated in the sessions and it helped them to inculcate the value to save nature and to protect the tourist spots in our country.

Jamsheeda Hyder


The club started its first activity on 26th June 2019 by observing anti-drugs day. As a part of this programme, a chart display was held in front of the senior secondary section.

On the joint auspice of SPC and Anti-Drugs Club, an awareness session on ‘Drug Abuse’ was also conducted on 4th November 2019.

Mr. Habeeb Rahman K P


Matrix, Ansar Maths club started the first program of this year on 4th July 2019. It was a video presentation by club members on Vedic Mathematics. On September 16th Friday we conducted a geometrical pookkalam competition and sent the best one for State level competition. As a third program we conducted a seminar on Fibonacci series and sent it for State level competition. Our project was selected for the oral presentation in 19th State level Children’s Maths congress which conducted on 18th January 2020, and the team won 4th place in the State.

Mrs. Reena P T


Wonderment and solemnity prevailed in the Ansar Auditorium on the special day of Book Release written by Prof. E Mohammed. The flourished dream of a writer to witness the releasing ceremony of his book in the presence of his dear ones was materialized on 19th December 2019. The officials of Ansar Charitable Trust and Prof. E Mohammed were blessed to have Dr. Shashi Taroor as the chief guest for it.

The expectant audience eagerly awaited to see their adorned impeccable king of English language more than that the best diplomat who focused on Global welfare breaking the barriers of Nationalism. The programme started with the prayer by Ansar College choir in his welcome address, Prof. E Mohammed congratulated Dr. Shashi Taroor as he won Sahithya Academy Award 2019 on the eve of this function for his ‘Era of Darkness’. There was an apprehension among the audience, whether India gripped in the Era of Darkness again. He claimed there was no separate identities or issues as national or international in this era by quoting Nehru’s speech on the eve of Independence.

He inspired students for reading as it is the best way to educate entertain and enlighten and to be the future diplomats aiming peace and prosperity of the whole world. He explained India’s stance in the forefront in human resource and the proportion of youngsters was also remarkable.

During the interactive session students enquired his stand on CAA & NRC issues. He accentuated the necessity of foresighted and peace loving teachers, then we can build up a peaceful place to live on. Jb. Mammunni Moulavi, Mr. Shihabudhin Poythumkadavu, Mr. Rafeeq Ahammed, Mrs. Fareeda Ansari, Mr. E. M Mohammed Ameen, Mr. Sanal Neyattinkara, Kunjahammed shared their concern about the present political scenario and conveyed the message of unity and solidarity for the development of our country. The audiences were mesmerized while listening to his oratory style. He was honoured with a gift from the Ansar Charitable Trust. The chief guest was so generous to pose for a selfie with Amana the one who sent letter to Ms. Jecinda Ardern (New Zeland, Prime Minister) and appreciated the girl for her initiate Principal Dr. Salil Hassan proposed the vote of thanks. The ceremony ended with National Anthem by school choir. The audience left with lifelong moments in their hearts.

Mrs. Suprabha


Ansar School scout unit inaugurated by 57th Rabindranath Tagore open rover crew Mohammed Jalal, at school auditorium. Ansar Scout troops consist of 38 members. We conducted 8 scout troop meeting held at various dates, it provided the necessary service for the school, sports day, Republic day and cultural competition and all other programs conducted by school they also ensure their participation and important celebrations like Independence Day, we conducted a 2 days camp at Ansar School under the guidance of Akhil T A, Rover Scout Leader – RSL (Executive Committee Member Wadakkanchery Local Association), camp inaugurated by Mrs. Shyny Hamza (Secondary Section Head) 25 students participated in the adventure camp at Parempadam.


Manaf M, Scout & Guides


Have you ever wondered why is the world different? From tip to top ranging from a sea shells to a top building everything varies from one to another but still, life is easy! From an atom of similarity we connect and link a lot of things and from there arise great, mind blowing discoveries. One such discovery in present in mathematics and it is none other than the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci series, a number sequence that is extended by adding the previous to two consecutive terms. It beings as 1, 1, 2, 3 and how it is continued? 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5 in such a way by adding the previous two digits receives is extended. Their series was introduced to world by an Italian Mathematician Leonardo of Pisa.

Let us dug out the traces of Fibonacci series this series came into time lights because of a curious story. The story begins with a mixed pair of baby rabbits. After one month, they get matured and gave birth to a pair of baby rabbits, a boy and a girl. The very next month these adult pairs again gave a birth to a mixed pair of baby rabbits and rabbits born last month were fully grown. Now, this is not a story, this was a curious problem that stuck the mind of Leonardo. What questioned him was it such a process continued at the end of a year hour many baby rabbits will be born. This problem was written in Liber Abacci, a book on rhythmic mathematics and calculations.

Now, let me ask you’re a question, if I began dividing two successive digits after sometime what I obtain,  = 1,     = 2,  = 1.5 when I am going? As the division continous its value will become closer and closer to the value of golden ratio! Something which had faxinated the minds of scientist and mathematicians for centuries Golden ratio is an irrational number with infinite number of random digits.  Its approximate value 1.618 was first calculated by Michael Mestlin it is symbolically expressed p (phi) a letter in Greek language.

If your mind is wandering for something else, it is a golden rectangle, it is simply a rectangle but what make it golden is that its length and breadth are two consecutive Fibonacci numbers and what more! A golden spiral it is a logarithmic spiral whose growth factor is phi.

It is said that nature is the greatest teacher of all times and it is very true in that case of Fibonacci series. In there anything curious behind the soft petals, yes there is! The number of petals a Fibonacci number Phi is seen in the arrangement of petals. When we eat pine apple we peel off their skin as a warts. But when its come to mathematics, it is not a waste. There number of spirals on the skin of a pineapple matches a Fibonacci number. When we watch the trunk of a tree we may feel it is not much attractive, but in the language of Mathematics it is attractive. A main trunk grow a till it produces a branch and the branch produces a growth point resulting in two growth. The main trunk produces another branch resulting in the growth points this continues in the pattern of Fibonacci series. It is said that mathematics is the queen of sciences. Amazingly the golden ratio appears in the physics of black hole. Golden spiral appears in spiral galaxies the hurricane is closely connected to Fibonacci series.

According to Greek mythology, Goddess Athena is considered as the goddess of wisdom, like wise Athena Parthenon a Greek temple is an example how golden ratio can be applied in architecture. How perfectly Taj Mahal – one of the seven wonders of modern world is built. It is because golden ratio is applied in it!

Look at the picture of Monalisa this beautiful painting of pavinchi is synonymous to perfection. Its dimensions are in order, proportional because it is drawn according to golden ratio.

Human body is a true example not only of perfection but also of Fibonacci series. You have two hands, five fingers in each hand and eight fingers have three sections each. Interesting 2, 3, 5, 8 all are Fibonacci and forearm to wrist is 1: 1.618

If the relative dimensions of uterus is close to the value of golden ratio, it means that you uterus is healthy. Similarly Fibonacci series can be detected in body of animals and insects. Family tree of honey bee is closely associated to Fibonacci sequence.

If you believe that, this sequence does not have a modern touch, you are mistaken. This sequence is a modern sequence too. It is used in computer algorithms and in planning poker. It is even used in Java. Have you even drunk 7-up? If not the very next time you drink it. Don’t forget to look at its logo which is designed on the basis of golden ratio and the very next time you tweet in twitter. Remember to look at its logo larry the bird which is a true example of the application of golden ratio is designing, yes, we have come to an end, but not to end of never ending Fibonacci sequence wherever you go, whatever yo see look it carefully and examine it carefully. If no I am absolutely sure that you can detect Fibonacci series in the Indian art and you are the second version of Leonardo – Fibonacci, but be cautious to look with an observer’s mind.

This project was presented by our Secondary students:

  1. Hana Hazar –         IX
  2. Barza Abdul Azeez – X
  3. Fathimath Silna –         X
  4. Abdul Hadi _        IX

They proved their prowess in Mathematics by securing 4th position in the State level Ganitha Shastra Parishath Competition.