A school’s greatest asset lies in its people – the students, the staff and the alumni. The alumni no matter where they live or how long it’s been since their student days; remain as an important part of the Ansar community. By their meaningful participation, they help the rest of us in the school fulfill its educational mission.

The Ansar Alumni Association is a strong fraternity with over 2100 members. A large section of them are working abroad as professionals: doctors, lawyers, engineers, technocrats etc. Many are serving in different parts of the country while a sizeable number are successful businessmen.

RECONNECT-Ansar Alumni International

12th January,2018 was the perfect start to the year for all ansaris.The day witnessed one of the biggest meetings Ansar Alumni members.With over 1200 attendees,the event was a pure testament,to the fact that we Ansaris hold and cherish ourpart dearly.The highlight of the show was nothing other than the honouring of our beloved teachers who graced the event with their presence.It will remain in the hearts of all ansaris forever

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