Principal’s Message

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Dear Ones,

Greeting from Ansar!

Over thirty years from now Ansar English school has not just been growing in size and number but also in its tallness and eminence. What has taken precedence over mere statistics is quality and commitment perhaps driving force for putting it where it is today and yet aspiring to outclass.

In a knowledge driven global economy education should be priority of our nation. With a myriad of reforms coming up in recent times, we at Ansar have earnestly labored to create an ambience ensuring that our children get the right choice of education here. This unique choice has stemmed from the realization that a man, a combine of body mind and spirit needs mental and physical development and spiritual development as well. This holistic vision of man drives the whole educational process in Ansar.

The steady and focused progress of the institution right from its inception and the academic performance of the students every year have ample testimony of the quality of education imparted by this school. it is not just educating but educaring; thereby creating an atmosphere conducive for the nurturing and nourishing of innate abilities of body, mind and spirit. The stakeholders of Ansar can swear that it is a school that dares to learn and bring to his care purpose the energy of change, innovation and fresh approaches ,melding these with time honored values, practices and attitudes.

The future path is very clear. Our methodology commitment and vision and the understanding of intricacies of our mission such as character building, scholarship, leadership and citizenship will clearly take us to the vision of empowering Ansar students with highest spiritual and intellectual competencies to enable them to lead the building up of morally upright , welfare world.
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